Village of Oconto, Nebraska
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Services & Rates
Water: $14.00 per month plus an additional $1.00 per 1,000 gallons of water used by customer.
Sewer: $5.00 per month flat rate for each user.
Garbage: $13.13 per month for residential customers. Garbage is picked up weekly.

Community Center
The Oconto Community Center was constructed in March 2003 following the destruction of the old community center on Halloween of 2000. The building was constructed using funds from the USDA, State of Nebraska Department of Economic Development, Custer County Foundation and Local donation. It includes a Kitchen, Auditorium, Senior Center and Public Library. The building is open for use by the public. If you wish to rent the building, please contact the village clerk for more information.
Community Center Rental Fees are as follows:
Main Hall - $30.00
Kitchen - $20.00
Main Hall & Kitchen -$40.00
Senior Center -$20.00